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  1. Photo of Romolo Guerrieri

    Romolo Guerrieri Director

  2. Photo of Mario Cecchi Gori

    Mario Cecchi Gori Producer

  3. Photo of Massimo D'Avak

    Massimo D'Avak Screenplay

  4. Photo of Ludovico Dentice

    Ludovico Dentice Screenplay

  5. Photo of Gene Luotto

    Gene Luotto Screenplay

  6. Photo of Alberto Silvestri

    Alberto Silvestri Screenplay

  7. Photo of Franco Verucci

    Franco Verucci Screenplay

  8. Photo of Roberto Gerardi

    Roberto Gerardi Cinematography

  9. Photo of Franco Nero

    Franco Nero Cast

  10. Photo of Florinda Bolkan

    Florinda Bolkan Cast

  11. Photo of Adolfo Celi

    Adolfo Celi Cast

  12. Photo of Delia Boccardo

    Delia Boccardo Cast

  13. Photo of Susanna Martinková

    Susanna Martinková Cast

  14. Photo of Renzo Palmer

    Renzo Palmer Cast

  15. Photo of Roberto Bisacco

    Roberto Bisacco Cast

  16. Photo of Maurizio Bonuglia

    Maurizio Bonuglia Cast

  17. Photo of Laura Antonelli

    Laura Antonelli Cast

  18. Photo of Geoffrey Copleston

    Geoffrey Copleston Cast

  19. Photo of Silvia Dionisio

    Silvia Dionisio Cast

  20. Photo of Marino Masé

    Marino Masé Cast

  21. Photo of Vittorio Ripamonti

    Vittorio Ripamonti Cast

  22. Photo of John Stacy

    John Stacy Cast

  23. Photo of Marcello Malvestito

    Marcello Malvestito Editing

  24. Photo of Giantito Burchiellaro

    Giantito Burchiellaro Production Design

  25. Photo of Fred Bongusto

    Fred Bongusto Music

  26. Photo of Shirley Harmer

    Shirley Harmer Music

  27. Photo of Luca Sabatelli

    Luca Sabatelli Costume Design