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  1. FilmStillLives's rating of the film Detective Story

    recently watched it & found it to be one of miike's strongest films in the last five years. his take on the detective-on-the-hunt-for-a-serial-killer tale is both compelling & creepily endearing, in no small part due to the amazing & absolutely underrated nakayama kazuya.

  2. Algitya's rating of the film Detective Story

    Criterion this please?

  3. Joseph Sylvers's rating of the film Detective Story

    hahaha this is one of the best Takashi Miike films of recent years, an homage and at time parody of detective thriller and serial killer films (such as the silent of the lambs reference over a lunch of Mcdonalds), that if you enjoy the more wild eyed gonzo side of Miike mutants genre films, is necessary viewing.