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  1. SpacePirate's rating of the film Détective

    A real lowpoint for Godard. I found the plot to be cumbersome and dull and the film lacking any real focus. I had read that this is one of his better later career works, but after watching it I either find that hard to believe, or disheartening, as it makes me not want to check out others. Maybe I should stick with his classics. 2 stars

  2. laura's rating of the film Détective

    even when godard isn't at his best, his films are still 10x more interesting than anyone else's

  3. Nick Potter's rating of the film Détective

    Godard's obsession with non-conventional filmmaking is still interesting to me, but it's slowly starting to run out of steam.

  4. Samuel Wells's rating of the film Détective

    Unlike many of the bright lights in Godards filmography, this film lacks touch and wit in a way that sets Godard apart from others. The plot is confused and winds around with little progression or subtlety. There is not at much metaplay with film as a piece of art, this one point is the greatest hurdle for the film and what holds it back. The film feels heavy and lacking a clear idea of what genre it wishes to be.

  5. Jeff's rating of the film Détective

    "We're not in some little French film where the actors believe talking is thinking." "Thinking is shrinking." Intriguing dialogue within.

  6. Alvin Case's rating of the film Détective

    One of JLG's key films. A movie that creates movies within movies. This film offers the POV of the 'detective': JLG himself. As characters and plot fragments from Cinema's past glide through and between characters/scenes, disrupting, yet affecting the narrative streams that become 'Cinema' in the viewer's (JLG's) mind. Brilliant, but best consumed with fragmented viewings for non-cinephiles. Watching TCM helps, btw.

  7. David R Williams's rating of the film Détective

    Diverse hard boiled characters roam a nondescript cinemascape playing their parts but being from different plots, action and reaction seldom mesh and yet at the same time, strangely they do creating something completely new and completely outside of them. "Filled with cinematic and literary references, populated by existential refinements of various generic types" A mystery that is not a mystery but still fascinates

  8. ammar's rating of the film Détective

  9. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Détective

    This movie has a lot of great scenes but they are cut together to tell a bigger story that doesn't equal up to the greatness of the individual moments. Godard never seems really interested in telling conventional stories, of course. But he does seem really interested in fucking around with the nuances of cinematic narrative. His visuals reflect that at every turn. Quite interesting, if not confusing at times.

  10. Paul Sonnenberg's rating of the film Détective

  11. FISCHER's rating of the film Détective

    >>> On ne peut absolument pas dénier au metteur en scène Jean-Luc Godard une constante originalité dans la recherche cinématographique, ni quelques dérangeantes facilités proches de la fumisterie et de l'arnaque intellectuelles...

  12. Il secondo maestro del revolver's rating of the film Détective

  13. Ethan's rating of the film Détective

    There's a lot of shit going on in this film and there are some entertaining moments.

  14. Benjamin Bland's rating of the film Détective

    Less than the sum of its parts. Not quite sure why, just felt it didn't hold together as well as it should have done given such excellent ingredients (great turns from Léaud and Baye in particular).

  15. un flic's rating of the film Détective

    A bunch of pretentious absurd french arseholes,an obscure crime in a hotel, and Johnny Haliday reading Conrad as he dies, totall bollocks, An hysterical black comedy with tragic self pity that is parodic, as funny as WEEKEND. Only Goddard could take a pile of crap and turn it into a delightful black Mockery, so bad its good.

  16. Raymond Likes Subtitles's rating of the film Détective

    Some good performances.An interesting mix of archetypes and cliches. Though not as POP as the 60s work its probably his most Tarintinoesque.

  17. Howard Orr's rating of the film Détective

    A project fulfilled in order to make enough money for Godard's beloved "Hail Mary" project, "Detective" references endless thriller plots (and "Raging Bull") but seems half-hearted. But half-hearted Godard still provides fulsome thoughtfulness, elegiac musical counterpoint, and hot women (and Johnny Hallyday ain't half bad either, if that's your thing).

  18. © <',))( Astro-Tofupraxographer's rating of the film Détective

  19. Linara's rating of the film Détective

    I want a giant toblerone, too!

  20. britney spears's rating of the film Détective

    Leaud is a genius! But the film lacked strategy. Maybe Godard assumed the pace of the movie would be balanced by the cute Julie Delpy but it wasn't. Yet like all Godard movies, it is poetic and offers advice: not the kind you get at a bar but the kind you get from Balzac or Shakespeare.

  21. Stephen Campbell's rating of the film Détective

    Godard was in a filthy mood when he made this ,but asit stands its one of his better later works

  22. Sheeps's rating of the film Détective

    Some clever shots and that's it. That's it :/

  23. bknight23's rating of the film Détective

    Underneath the literary and cinematic allusions, the humor, the self-referential alienation tendencies of the director, and a plotless plot lies an interesting study of the male-female dynamic.

  24. Allan's rating of the film Détective

    One of the worst films I have ever seen

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