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  1. Photo of Toshio Lee

    Toshio Lee Director

  2. Photo of Minami Ichikawa

    Minami Ichikawa Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Genki Kawamura

    Genki Kawamura Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Yasuhiro Tsukada

    Yasuhiro Tsukada Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Akihiro Yamauchi

    Akihiro Yamauchi Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Yûka Higuchi

    Yûka Higuchi Producer

  7. Photo of Mika Ohmori

    Mika Ohmori Screenplay

  8. Photo of Kiminori Wakasugi

    Kiminori Wakasugi Screenplay

  9. Photo of Koichi Nakayama

    Koichi Nakayama Cinematography

  10. Photo of Ken'ichi Matsuyama

    Ken'ichi Matsuyama Cast

  11. Photo of Rosa Katô

    Rosa Katô Cast

  12. Photo of Ryûji Akiyama

    Ryûji Akiyama Cast

  13. Photo of Yasuko Matsuyuki

    Yasuko Matsuyuki Cast

  14. Photo of Yoshihiko Hosoda

    Yoshihiko Hosoda Cast

  15. Photo of Kazuma Suzuki

    Kazuma Suzuki Cast

  16. Photo of Issei Takahashi

    Issei Takahashi Cast

  17. Photo of Takuya Taguchi

    Takuya Taguchi Editing

  18. Photo of Norifumi Nakayama

    Norifumi Nakayama Production Design

  19. Photo of Takayuki Hattori

    Takayuki Hattori Music

  20. Photo of Hiromichi Kori

    Hiromichi Kori Sound

  21. Photo of Kaera Kimura

    Kaera Kimura Cast