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  1. Sarah's rating of the film DEVILMAN: crybaby

    style is beauty as always, but the script is total shit. what a waste of talent. also – grow the fuck up. there is more than tits, ass and pussy.

  2. smeef's rating of the film DEVILMAN: crybaby

    overly provocative to send us a very convoluted message about essentially nothing

  3. squid's rating of the film DEVILMAN: crybaby

    I loved that they developped the characters compared to the other adaptations. Still, despite a few good moments and interesting ideas the animation is generally bad and plainly ridiculous most of the time. The narration is mediocre at best.

  4. Samuel Righi's rating of the film DEVILMAN: crybaby

  5. saltkin's rating of the film DEVILMAN: crybaby

    this show was batshit but so is anything nagai touches so it's true to source i guess! yuasa's interests are more character driven while imo, devilman's strengths lies in its grander statements on humanity. but he also gave us miki squared who far exceed manga miki so whatevs. big areola squad

  6. F/K's rating of the film DEVILMAN: crybaby

    This is like if someone was bored with today's anime and decided to bring back the anime of the 80's and 90's and this is the result. Despite some flaws, i'm glad something like this exists, it at least shines a bright light in this stagnant and mediocre industry.

  7. †. Kennedy Pope's rating of the film DEVILMAN: crybaby

    So I knocked this one out over the past couple of days and I really enjoyed it. Devilman: Crybaby's first season gives us a highly stylistic (and ultra-graphic) story using the events of the Book of Revelations as its framework. Plenty of badass characters to go around; and the last two episodes are just visually and emotionally gorgeous.

  8. Stefano De Putti's rating of the film DEVILMAN: crybaby

  9. hexhunk's rating of the film DEVILMAN: crybaby

    I watched this straight through during a day I was sick in bed. There are better things I could have done with my time. A lot of people seem to be very into this, and it's a damn mystery to me. This is a serious case of viewers projecting beyond what the show actually provides, which is the sort of nihilism that might be exciting to a pretentious 12-year-old. The world ends and not a moment too soon: I was bored.

  10. Nachtreich's rating of the film DEVILMAN: crybaby

  11. Kelvin Thompson's rating of the film DEVILMAN: crybaby

    Man, what a mess. It remains fairly simple, albeit evocative, for most of its run, and then attempts to tackle too many topics across too many characters and too few episodes that it winds up collapsing under the weight of its own ambition. On top of that, its eventual ambitions sit ill-at-ease with the comic marriage of sex and gore that mostly dominates early on. But gorgeous, and admirable effort.

  12. Paolo Simeone's rating of the film DEVILMAN: crybaby

    Apocalypse has never been so beautiful and satisfying for the eye. Yuasa just filled the empty spaces in Nagai's masterpiece and he did with his own goodness, some way syncretistically merging the cult serie with the previous he sketched from Matsumoto's Ping Pong. A solemn hymn to the childhood of whoever loved Devilman lies between the lines. You won't be failed this time.