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  1. Photo of Jiang Wen

    Jiang Wen Director, Cast, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Dong Ping

    Dong Ping Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Zheng Quangang

    Zheng Quangang Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Shu Ping

    Shu Ping Screenplay

  5. Photo of You Fengwei

    You Fengwei Screenplay

  6. Photo of Gu Changwei

    Gu Changwei Cinematography

  7. Photo of Jiang Hongbo

    Jiang Hongbo Cast

  8. Photo of Teruyuki Kagawa

    Teruyuki Kagawa Cast

  9. Photo of Yuan Ding

    Yuan Ding Cast

  10. Photo of Cong Zhijun

    Cong Zhijun Cast

  11. Photo of Kenya Sawada

    Kenya Sawada Cast

  12. Photo of Chen Qiang

    Chen Qiang Cast

  13. Photo of Folmer Wiesinger

    Folmer Wiesinger Editing

  14. Photo of Zhang Yifan

    Zhang Yifan Editing

  15. Photo of Shi Jianquan

    Shi Jianquan Production Design and Screenplay

  16. Photo of Tang Shiyun

    Tang Shiyun Production Design

  17. Photo of Cui Jian

    Cui Jian Music

  18. Photo of Li Haiying

    Li Haiying Music and Screenplay

  19. Photo of Liu Xing

    Liu Xing Music and Screenplay

  20. Photo of Wu Ling

    Wu Ling Sound

  21. Photo of Xi Zi

    Xi Zi Cast

  22. Photo of Li Haibin

    Li Haibin Cast