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  1. Photo of Chiho Fuseya

    Chiho Fuseya Self

  2. Photo of Hiroo Fuseya

    Hiroo Fuseya Self

  3. Photo of Yukimo Fuseya

    Yukimo Fuseya Self

  4. Photo of Sumiko Haneda

    Sumiko Haneda Self

  5. Photo of Kazuo Hara

    Kazuo Hara Self

  6. Photo of Tadashi Hara

    Tadashi Hara Self

  7. Photo of Yukie Hatano

    Yukie Hatano Self

  8. Photo of Daizuke Iizuka

    Daizuke Iizuka Self

  9. Photo of Hiroko Iizuke

    Hiroko Iizuke Self

  10. Photo of Tsuneji Ishii

    Tsuneji Ishii Self

  11. Photo of Isamu Izumi

    Isamu Izumi Self

  12. Photo of Fukuko Kikuchi

    Fukuko Kikuchi Self

  13. Photo of Shuichi Kimura

    Shuichi Kimura Self

  14. Photo of Robert Kramer

    Robert Kramer Self

  15. Photo of Kazuo Kuroki

    Kazuo Kuroki Self

  16. Photo of Sadatoshi Mikado

    Sadatoshi Mikado Self

  17. Photo of Masayo Niwa

    Masayo Niwa Self

  18. Photo of Izuru Ogawa

    Izuru Ogawa Self

  19. Photo of Shosuke Ogawa

    Shosuke Ogawa Self

  20. Photo of Tomiko Okazaki

    Tomiko Okazaki Self

  21. Photo of Shizue Sannomiya

    Shizue Sannomiya Self

  22. Photo of Yoshio Shimizu

    Yoshio Shimizu Self

  23. Photo of Yoko Shiriashi

    Yoko Shiriashi Self and Cinematography

  24. Photo of Taka Tsubaki

    Taka Tsubaki Self

  25. Photo of Noriaki Tsuchimoto

    Noriaki Tsuchimoto Self

  26. Photo of Sumiko Urio

    Sumiko Urio Self

  27. Photo of Takaaki Watanabe

    Takaaki Watanabe Self

  28. Photo of Nagisa Ôshima

    Nagisa Ôshima Self

  29. Photo of Toshio Iizuka

    Toshio Iizuka Cinematography and Self

  30. Photo of Shuichi Masuya

    Shuichi Masuya Cinematography

  31. Photo of Toshiro Kaneko

    Toshiro Kaneko Music

  32. Photo of Sato Kimura

    Sato Kimura Music

  33. Photo of Ichiro Seki

    Ichiro Seki Music

  34. Photo of Rie Nakano

    Rie Nakano Producer

  35. Photo of Seiko Ono

    Seiko Ono Producer

  36. Photo of Amanda Ault

    Amanda Ault Editing

  37. Photo of Paul Hill

    Paul Hill Editing

  38. Photo of Barbara Hammer

    Barbara Hammer Sound, Editing, Director, Cinematography & 1 more
    Barbara Hammer Sound, Editing, Director, Cinematography, Producer

  39. Photo of Junko Tanaka

    Junko Tanaka Sound