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  1. Photo of Eldar Ryazanov

    Eldar Ryazanov Director

  2. Photo of Leonid Lench

    Leonid Lench Screenplay

  3. Photo of Anatoli Lepin

    Anatoli Lepin Music

  4. Photo of Aleksandr Kharitonov

    Aleksandr Kharitonov Cinematography

  5. Photo of Aleksei Parkhomenko

    Aleksei Parkhomenko Production Design

  6. Photo of Viktor Zorin

    Viktor Zorin Sound

  7. Photo of Svetlana Karpinskaya

    Svetlana Karpinskaya Cast

  8. Photo of Nikolai Rybnikov

    Nikolai Rybnikov Cast

  9. Photo of Erast Garin

    Erast Garin Cast

  10. Photo of Vasili Toporkov

    Vasili Toporkov Cast

  11. Photo of Yuri Belov

    Yuri Belov Cast

  12. Photo of Svetlana Shcherbak

    Svetlana Shcherbak Cast

  13. Photo of Zoya Fyodorova

    Zoya Fyodorova Cast

  14. Photo of Sergei Filippov

    Sergei Filippov Cast

  15. Photo of Rina Zelyonaya

    Rina Zelyonaya Cast

  16. Photo of Pavel Tarasov

    Pavel Tarasov Cast

  17. Photo of Svetlana Kharitonova

    Svetlana Kharitonova Cast

  18. Photo of Olga Aroseva

    Olga Aroseva Cast

  19. Photo of Georgi Georgiu

    Georgi Georgiu Cast

  20. Photo of Georgi Tusuzov

    Georgi Tusuzov Cast

  21. Photo of Lidiya Korolyova

    Lidiya Korolyova Cast

  22. Photo of Pyotr Savin

    Pyotr Savin Cast

  23. Photo of Mikhail Garkavi

    Mikhail Garkavi Cast

  24. Photo of Tatyana Guretskaya

    Tatyana Guretskaya Cast

  25. Photo of Yevgeni Gurov

    Yevgeni Gurov Cast

  26. Photo of Zoya Vinogradova

    Zoya Vinogradova Cast