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  1. porquenão's rating of the film Dharma Guns

  2. Feu_follet's rating of the film Dharma Guns

    The visual and aesthetic beauty can't save this movie from its poor script and structure. The viewer is totally exluded from the experience and can only admire the technical skills, hoping to see an end (or some sense) as soon as possible. The overdose of confusion (and worse: a complete lack of explanation or clue to understand what we're seeing) and random stuff fail to equal its visual accomplishment.

  3. Corriel's rating of the film Dharma Guns

    One of the most boring film I've EVER seen! A pity because efforts seem to have been maid to give it a visual impact, and the story is quite original. But it's extremely confusing – in the end it just looks "cheap", nearly as if the scenes where put in order randomly and no attention had been maid to the story whatsoever. It's completely at the opposite of Godard's well made and intriguing Alphaville, for example.

  4. Kristen Livera's rating of the film Dharma Guns

    Felt like a rich student film So many aspects were left greatly overlooked while focus was paid solely on the imagery. The billiards scene, where they’re discussing Arthur Strike, I kept thinking how I often confuse ‘strike’ as both positive and negative--baseball your strike ‘out’ but in bowling, strike’s the kingpin. Well this film does both.