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  1. Photo of Sohrab Shahid Saless

    Sohrab Shahid Saless Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Helga Houzer

    Helga Houzer Screenplay

  3. Photo of Klaus Salge

    Klaus Salge Cast

  4. Photo of Eva Manhardt

    Eva Manhardt Cast

  5. Photo of Edith Hildebrandt

    Edith Hildebrandt Cast

  6. Photo of Ingeborg Ziemendorf

    Ingeborg Ziemendorf Cast

  7. Photo of Robert Dietl

    Robert Dietl Cast

  8. Photo of Ursula Alexa

    Ursula Alexa Cast

  9. Photo of Dorothea Moritz

    Dorothea Moritz Cast

  10. Photo of Gerhard Wollner

    Gerhard Wollner Cast

  11. Photo of Anneliese Würtz

    Anneliese Würtz Cast

  12. Photo of Konrad Thomas

    Konrad Thomas Cast

  13. Photo of Inge Sievers

    Inge Sievers Cast

  14. Photo of Mansur Yazdi

    Mansur Yazdi Cinematography

  15. Photo of Rolf Bauer

    Rolf Bauer Music

  16. Photo of Wolfgang Boesken

    Wolfgang Boesken Production Design

  17. Photo of Herbert Kerz

    Herbert Kerz Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Christel Orthmann

    Christel Orthmann Editing

  19. Photo of Gunther Kortwich

    Gunther Kortwich Sound

  20. Photo of Max Galinzky

    Max Galinzky Sound

  21. Photo of Reinhild Paul

    Reinhild Paul Costume Design