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  1. Photo of Lili Rademakers

    Lili Rademakers Director

  2. Photo of Pierre Drouot

    Pierre Drouot Producer

  3. Photo of Henry Lange

    Henry Lange Producer

  4. Photo of Fons Rademakers

    Fons Rademakers Producer

  5. Photo of Claudine Bouvier

    Claudine Bouvier Screenplay

  6. Photo of Hugo Claus

    Hugo Claus Screenplay

  7. Photo of Junichir├┤ Tanizaki

    Junichir├┤ Tanizaki Screenplay

  8. Photo of Paul van den Bos

    Paul van den Bos Cinematography

  9. Photo of Ralph Michael

    Ralph Michael Cast

  10. Photo of Beatie Edney

    Beatie Edney Cast

  11. Photo of Suzanne Flon

    Suzanne Flon Cast

  12. Photo of Derek de Lint

    Derek de Lint Cast

  13. Photo of Dora van der Groen

    Dora van der Groen Cast

  14. Photo of Ina van der Molen

    Ina van der Molen Cast

  15. Photo of Ton de Graaff

    Ton de Graaff Editing

  16. Photo of Egisto Macchi

    Egisto Macchi Music

  17. Photo of Victor Dekker

    Victor Dekker Sound

  18. Photo of Suzanne Van Well

    Suzanne Van Well Costume Design

  19. Photo of Philippe Graff

    Philippe Graff Production Design