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  1. Photo of Dieter Berner

    Dieter Berner Director

  2. Photo of Peter Turrini

    Peter Turrini Screenplay

  3. Photo of Wilhelm Pevny

    Wilhelm Pevny Screenplay

  4. Photo of Helmut Qualtinger

    Helmut Qualtinger Cast

  5. Photo of Hans Brenner

    Hans Brenner Cast

  6. Photo of Burgi Mattuschka

    Burgi Mattuschka Cast

  7. Photo of Lukas Resetarits

    Lukas Resetarits Cast

  8. Photo of Franz Buchrieser

    Franz Buchrieser Cast

  9. Photo of Linde Prelog

    Linde Prelog Cast

  10. Photo of Bernd Spitzer

    Bernd Spitzer Cast

  11. Photo of Elisabeth Stepanek

    Elisabeth Stepanek Cast

  12. Photo of Josef Kröpfl

    Josef Kröpfl Cast

  13. Photo of Karl Kröpfl

    Karl Kröpfl Cast

  14. Photo of Andrea Altmann

    Andrea Altmann Cast

  15. Photo of Therese Affolter

    Therese Affolter Cast

  16. Photo of Bozidarka Frait

    Bozidarka Frait Cast

  17. Photo of Hubert Kramer

    Hubert Kramer Cast

  18. Photo of Otto Tausig

    Otto Tausig Cast

  19. Photo of Götz Kaufmann

    Götz Kaufmann Cast

  20. Photo of Franz Muxeneder

    Franz Muxeneder Cast

  21. Photo of Wolfram Berger

    Wolfram Berger Cast

  22. Photo of Karl Paryla

    Karl Paryla Cast

  23. Photo of Barbara Prowaznik

    Barbara Prowaznik Cast

  24. Photo of Toni Böhm

    Toni Böhm Cast

  25. Photo of Franz Suhrada

    Franz Suhrada Cast

  26. Photo of Jutta Schwarz

    Jutta Schwarz Cast

  27. Photo of Xaver Schwarzenberg (1–4)

    Xaver Schwarzenberg (1–4) Cinematography

  28. Photo of Michael Ballhaus

    Michael Ballhaus Cinematography

  29. Photo of Horst Knechtl (6)

    Horst Knechtl (6) Cinematography

  30. Photo of Peer Raben

    Peer Raben Music

  31. Photo of Neue Studio Film

    Neue Studio Film Producer

  32. Photo of Wien

    Wien Producer

  33. Photo of Wolf Witzemann

    Wolf Witzemann Executive Producer

  34. Photo of Fritz Hollergschwandtner

    Fritz Hollergschwandtner Executive Producer

  35. Photo of Herta Hareiter-Pischinger

    Herta Hareiter-Pischinger Executive Producer

  36. Photo of Erika Geiger

    Erika Geiger Editing

  37. Photo of Rolf Schmidt-Genter

    Rolf Schmidt-Genter Sound