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  1. Photo of Géza von Bolváry

    Géza von Bolváry Director

  2. Photo of Alf Teichs

    Alf Teichs Producer

  3. Photo of Ernst Marischka

    Ernst Marischka Screenplay

  4. Photo of Willy Winterstein

    Willy Winterstein Cinematography

  5. Photo of Alice Ludwig

    Alice Ludwig Editing

  6. Photo of Robert Herlth

    Robert Herlth Production Design

  7. Photo of Alois Melichar

    Alois Melichar Music

  8. Photo of Marte Harell

    Marte Harell Cast

  9. Photo of Johannes Heesters

    Johannes Heesters Cast

  10. Photo of Will Dohm

    Will Dohm Cast

  11. Photo of Willy Fritsch

    Willy Fritsch Cast

  12. Photo of Joseph Egger

    Joseph Egger Cast

  13. Photo of Dorit Kreysler

    Dorit Kreysler Cast

  14. Photo of Hans Brausewetter

    Hans Brausewetter Cast

  15. Photo of Siegfried Breuer

    Siegfried Breuer Cast

  16. Photo of Mimi Stelzer

    Mimi Stelzer Cast

  17. Photo of Heinz Salfner

    Heinz Salfner Cast

  18. Photo of Franz Böheim

    Franz Böheim Cast