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  1. Photo of Max Reinhardt

    Max Reinhardt Director

  2. Photo of Arthur Kahane

    Arthur Kahane Screenplay

  3. Photo of Erika De Planque

    Erika De Planque Cast

  4. Photo of Wilhelm Diegelmann

    Wilhelm Diegelmann Cast

  5. Photo of Mary Dietrich

    Mary Dietrich Cast

  6. Photo of Gertrud Hackelberg

    Gertrud Hackelberg Cast

  7. Photo of Ernst Hofmann

    Ernst Hofmann Cast

  8. Photo of Arthur Kathane

    Arthur Kathane Cast

  9. Photo of Leopoldine Konstantin

    Leopoldine Konstantin Cast

  10. Photo of Friedrich Kühne

    Friedrich Kühne Cast

  11. Photo of Ernst Matray

    Ernst Matray Cast

  12. Photo of Werner Lotz

    Werner Lotz Cast

  13. Photo of Willy Prager

    Willy Prager Cast

  14. Photo of Greta Schröder

    Greta Schröder Cast

  15. Photo of Lore Wagner

    Lore Wagner Cast

  16. Photo of Friedrich Weinmann

    Friedrich Weinmann Cast and Cinematography

  17. Photo of Karl Freund

    Karl Freund Cinematography

  18. Photo of Paul Davidson

    Paul Davidson Producer and Cast