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  1. Photo of Rolf von Sydow

    Rolf von Sydow Director

  2. Photo of Marianne de Barde

    Marianne de Barde Screenplay

  3. Photo of Harald Leipnitz

    Harald Leipnitz Cast

  4. Photo of Uschi Glas

    Uschi Glas Cast

  5. Photo of Walter Kohut

    Walter Kohut Cast

  6. Photo of Rosemarie Fendel

    Rosemarie Fendel Cast

  7. Photo of Michael Hinz

    Michael Hinz Cast

  8. Photo of Margot Hielscher

    Margot Hielscher Cast

  9. Photo of Karl Heinz Vosgerau

    Karl Heinz Vosgerau Cast

  10. Photo of Beatrice Richter

    Beatrice Richter Cast

  11. Photo of Klaus Wildbolz

    Klaus Wildbolz Cast

  12. Photo of Jan Niklas

    Jan Niklas Cast

  13. Photo of Emily Bolton

    Emily Bolton Cast

  14. Photo of Nino Korda

    Nino Korda Cast

  15. Photo of Gunnar Möller

    Gunnar Möller Cast

  16. Photo of Herbert Fleischmann

    Herbert Fleischmann Cast

  17. Photo of Wolfgang Kieling

    Wolfgang Kieling Cast

  18. Photo of Wolfgang Lukschy

    Wolfgang Lukschy Cast

  19. Photo of Atze Glanert

    Atze Glanert Cinematography

  20. Photo of Dieter Reith

    Dieter Reith Music

  21. Photo of Karl Schneider

    Karl Schneider Production Design

  22. Photo of Gunther Malzacher

    Gunther Malzacher Producer

  23. Photo of Susan Schulte

    Susan Schulte Producer

  24. Photo of Renate Struve

    Renate Struve Editing

  25. Photo of Erwin Metzger

    Erwin Metzger Sound

  26. Photo of Alheid Lupp

    Alheid Lupp Costume Design