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  1. Photo of Carl Boese

    Carl Boese Director

  2. Photo of Leo Heller

    Leo Heller Screenplay

  3. Photo of Rudolf Strauß

    Rudolf Strauß Screenplay

  4. Photo of Lupu Pick

    Lupu Pick Cast and Producer

  5. Photo of Hedwig Wangel

    Hedwig Wangel Cast

  6. Photo of Maly Delschaft

    Maly Delschaft Cast

  7. Photo of Hans Adalbert Schlettow

    Hans Adalbert Schlettow Cast

  8. Photo of Albert Florath

    Albert Florath Cast

  9. Photo of Evi Eva

    Evi Eva Cast

  10. Photo of Werner Pittschau

    Werner Pittschau Cast

  11. Photo of Hugo Fischer-Köppe

    Hugo Fischer-Köppe Cast

  12. Photo of Karl Falkenberg

    Karl Falkenberg Cast

  13. Photo of Toni Frenguelli

    Toni Frenguelli Cinematography

  14. Photo of Franz Schroedter

    Franz Schroedter Production Design