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  1. Photo of Gustav Fröhlich

    Gustav Fröhlich Director

  2. Photo of Gustav Fröhlich

    Gustav Fröhlich Screenplay

  3. Photo of Otto Gebühr

    Otto Gebühr Cast

  4. Photo of Sybille Schmitz

    Sybille Schmitz Cast

  5. Photo of Cornell Borchers

    Cornell Borchers Cast

  6. Photo of Ewald Balser

    Ewald Balser Cast

  7. Photo of Will Quadflieg

    Will Quadflieg Cast

  8. Photo of Hans Leibelt

    Hans Leibelt Cast

  9. Photo of Ilse Bally

    Ilse Bally Cast

  10. Photo of Marianne Wischmann

    Marianne Wischmann Cast

  11. Photo of Walter Franck

    Walter Franck Cast

  12. Photo of Rolf Moebius

    Rolf Moebius Cast

  13. Photo of Hans Paetsch

    Hans Paetsch Cast

  14. Photo of Wolfgang Reimers

    Wolfgang Reimers Cast

  15. Photo of Walter Ladengast

    Walter Ladengast Cast

  16. Photo of Hans Schneeberger

    Hans Schneeberger Cinematography

  17. Photo of Franz Schroedter

    Franz Schroedter Production Design

  18. Photo of Herbert Ploberger

    Herbert Ploberger Costume Design

  19. Photo of Martha Dübber

    Martha Dübber Editing

  20. Photo of Martin Müller

    Martin Müller Sound

  21. Photo of Wolfgang Zeller

    Wolfgang Zeller Music

  22. Photo of Rolf Meyer

    Rolf Meyer Producer