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  1. Photo of Ralf Huettner

    Ralf Huettner Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Daniel Philippen

    Daniel Philippen Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Dieter Ulrich Aselmann

    Dieter Ulrich Aselmann Producer

  4. Photo of Reinhold Elschot

    Reinhold Elschot Producer

  5. Photo of Dominic Raacke

    Dominic Raacke Screenplay

  6. Photo of Hannes Hubach

    Hannes Hubach Cinematography

  7. Photo of Jürgen Tarrach

    Jürgen Tarrach Cast

  8. Photo of Oliver Korittke

    Oliver Korittke Cast

  9. Photo of Ellen Ten Damme

    Ellen Ten Damme Cast

  10. Photo of Herbert Knaup

    Herbert Knaup Cast

  11. Photo of Gerald Alexander Held

    Gerald Alexander Held Cast

  12. Photo of Walter Gontermann

    Walter Gontermann Cast

  13. Photo of Wolfgang M. Bauer

    Wolfgang M. Bauer Cast

  14. Photo of Annett Renneberg

    Annett Renneberg Cast

  15. Photo of Henriette Thimig

    Henriette Thimig Cast

  16. Photo of Heinrich Giskes

    Heinrich Giskes Cast

  17. Photo of Christian Markoc

    Christian Markoc Cast

  18. Photo of Michael Stehr

    Michael Stehr Cast

  19. Photo of Gary Tang

    Gary Tang Cast

  20. Photo of Renate Dissel

    Renate Dissel Cast

  21. Photo of Colette Koo

    Colette Koo Cast

  22. Photo of Hilmi Sözer

    Hilmi Sözer Cast

  23. Photo of Ernesto Lutter

    Ernesto Lutter Cast

  24. Photo of Veronika Zaplata

    Veronika Zaplata Editing

  25. Photo of Ingrid Buron

    Ingrid Buron Production Design

  26. Photo of Achim P. Hofmann

    Achim P. Hofmann Sound

  27. Photo of Max Rammler-Rogall

    Max Rammler-Rogall Sound

  28. Photo of Andreas Wölki

    Andreas Wölki Sound