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  1. Photo of Krzysztof Zanussi

    Krzysztof Zanussi Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Magda Szabó

    Magda Szabó Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jan Kreczmar

    Jan Kreczmar Cast

  4. Photo of Daniel Olbrychski

    Daniel Olbrychski Cast

  5. Photo of Anna Milewska

    Anna Milewska Cast

  6. Photo of Jan Ciecierski

    Jan Ciecierski Cast

  7. Photo of Magdalena Biedrzycka

    Magdalena Biedrzycka Cast

  8. Photo of Hanna Bielska

    Hanna Bielska Cast

  9. Photo of Zygmunt Boncza-Tomaszewski

    Zygmunt Boncza-Tomaszewski Cast

  10. Photo of Jadwiga Colonna-Walewska

    Jadwiga Colonna-Walewska Cast

  11. Photo of Aleksander Daszewski

    Aleksander Daszewski Cast

  12. Photo of Leon Dziedzic

    Leon Dziedzic Cast

  13. Photo of Stanislawa Dziedzic

    Stanislawa Dziedzic Cast

  14. Photo of Kazimierz Koziolkiewicz

    Kazimierz Koziolkiewicz Cast

  15. Photo of Wanda Kuncowa

    Wanda Kuncowa Cast

  16. Photo of Artur Kwiatkowski

    Artur Kwiatkowski Cast

  17. Photo of Izabella Ratynska

    Izabella Ratynska Cast

  18. Photo of Irena Skwierczynska

    Irena Skwierczynska Cast

  19. Photo of Maria Wojdalinska

    Maria Wojdalinska Cast

  20. Photo of Alina Zeliska

    Alina Zeliska Cast

  21. Photo of Jan Hesse

    Jan Hesse Cinematography

  22. Photo of Wojciech Kilar

    Wojciech Kilar Music

  23. Photo of Tadeusz Wybult

    Tadeusz Wybult Production Design