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  1. Photo of Wolfgang Odenthal

    Wolfgang Odenthal Producer

  2. Photo of Bernd Neubauer

    Bernd Neubauer Cinematography

  3. Photo of Tomi Davis

    Tomi Davis Cast

  4. Photo of Sasa Thoman

    Sasa Thoman Cast

  5. Photo of Sabine von Maydell

    Sabine von Maydell Cast

  6. Photo of Ulrich Tukur

    Ulrich Tukur Cast

  7. Photo of Hub Martin

    Hub Martin Cast

  8. Photo of Georg Marischka

    Georg Marischka Cast

  9. Photo of Nikolas Lansky

    Nikolas Lansky Cast

  10. Photo of Sibylle Rauch

    Sibylle Rauch Cast

  11. Photo of Wilfried Klaus

    Wilfried Klaus Cast

  12. Photo of Renate Langer

    Renate Langer Cast

  13. Photo of Simone Brahmann

    Simone Brahmann Cast

  14. Photo of Peter von Strombeck

    Peter von Strombeck Cast

  15. Photo of Christiane Maybach

    Christiane Maybach Cast

  16. Photo of Michael Schech

    Michael Schech Cast

  17. Photo of Roger Fritz

    Roger Fritz Cast

  18. Photo of Dietmar Schönherr

    Dietmar Schönherr Cast

  19. Photo of Burkhard Driest

    Burkhard Driest Cast

  20. Photo of Jürgen Draeger

    Jürgen Draeger Cast

  21. Photo of Eckhart Schmidt

    Eckhart Schmidt Editing, Director Screenplay

  22. Photo of Sal Paradise

    Sal Paradise Music

  23. Photo of Latona Vogel

    Latona Vogel Costume Design