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  1. Photo of Arthur W. Ahrweiler

    Arthur W. Ahrweiler Cinematography

  2. Photo of Simon Kleebauer

    Simon Kleebauer Cinematography

  3. Photo of Ernst Lubitsch

    Ernst Lubitsch Cast

  4. Photo of Erich Ludendorff

    Erich Ludendorff Cast

  5. Photo of Ludwig Berger

    Ludwig Berger Cast

  6. Photo of Emil Jannings

    Emil Jannings Cast

  7. Photo of Siegfried Kracauer

    Siegfried Kracauer Cast

  8. Photo of Klaus Kreimeier

    Klaus Kreimeier Cast

  9. Photo of Fritz Lang

    Fritz Lang Cast

  10. Photo of Joe May

    Joe May Cast

  11. Photo of F.W. Murnau

    F.W. Murnau Cast

  12. Photo of Pola Negri

    Pola Negri Cast

  13. Photo of G.F. Peters

    G.F. Peters Cast

  14. Photo of Erich Pommer

    Erich Pommer Cast

  15. Photo of Henny Porten

    Henny Porten Cast

  16. Photo of Angela Schanelec

    Angela Schanelec Cast

  17. Photo of Gustav Ucicky

    Gustav Ucicky Cast

  18. Photo of Thea von Harbou

    Thea von Harbou Cast

  19. Photo of Ingo Ehrlich

    Ingo Ehrlich Editing

  20. Photo of Hartmut Bitomsky

    Hartmut Bitomsky Editing, Director, Producer

  21. Photo of Ingmar Lurg

    Ingmar Lurg Sound

  22. Photo of Gerhard Metz

    Gerhard Metz Sound