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  1. captainfez's rating of the film DiG!

    Bandleader Dick-Off: The Movie.

  2. ejonline's rating of the film DiG!

    I couldn't really care less about either band, but I did find the exploration of explicit image manipulation interesting. In a way, it was like watching two very different kinds of car crashes. The BJM is consumed by drugs and erratic behavior (which is not particularly interesting - I find no romance in junkies). The DW, via the seemingly unfiltered voice over by the lead singer, come across as soulless creeps.

  3. Elephants Gerald's rating of the film DiG!

    For this to work you must accept the premise that Anton's a genius, that the BJM make something more than tepid, hacky psychedelia homages. The truth is, Anton's a mediocre asshole. Accepting that, though, DIG! has a potent thesis, claiming (through deceptive editing, it's been noted) that well-groomed mediocrity (the Dandys) always succeeds over messy genius (BJM). But, again, that requires suspended disbelief.

  4. Cichlisuite's rating of the film DiG!

    A rollicking good ride with some nice insight into the minds of the two frontmen and how success can stress a friendship. How important is artistic authenticity and how important is commercial success. Can you have both? Does it matter?

  5. Neide Ramos's rating of the film DiG!

    One of the best music documentaries I've watched so far. It's super complete, full of lost, epic footage (thank God for the guys holding a camera) and cool interviews with, not only friends, but important people in the music industry. 26 years and never a fuck to spare to sign with a label, can't get more trve than that. Really made me want to see them, now that Anton's all sobered up and giving 3 hour long shows.

  6. Slappy McGee's rating of the film DiG!

    (4.5 stars) Damn. I just couldn't stop watching this mesmerizing documentary about a trainwreck of a band. Frickin' fascinating.

  7. Thom Slattery's rating of the film DiG!

    My own experience with BJM involved walking out of a show after listening to Anton Newcombe rant for most of it about how ridiculous the popularity of The Strokes was, especially when he was so talented. The one guitarist almost walked out, too. Perhaps this movie focuses on the reality TV aspect of their career, but that's what Anton seemed to put first. And I'll never understand why anyone considers him a genius.

  8. corycorycorycory's rating of the film DiG!

    BJM is so rad, and are a totally crazy band. This is a good watch if you're interested in what it takes to be in a band, and if you've ever wondered how it was for bands trying to "make" it. However, I feels like the Dandy Warhols and BJM were pushed through a "movie" shaped hole, not something completely free formed. Crazy shit happens when everyone's high.

  9. Waxamillion's rating of the film DiG!

    I first watched this in my first apartment in SF, only to find out a few weeks later that BJM Joel lived underneath me. Anton is a destructive person and really you feel sorry for his band & what they could have been. It is a story we rarely get this much insight into, a guy who sabotages himself and band when he is given opportunity or a uncertainty. The Dandy's had survival in mind. Anton just had himself & fear.

  10. Wee Hunk's rating of the film DiG!

    A bunch of idiots praise another bunch of idiots. Just shut up and play.

  11. julia.s's rating of the film DiG!

  12. antibody's rating of the film DiG!

    i hate this music now, but this movie really flooded over me at the time. love this. best music doc by far

  13. IV NEVER BEEN TO A RODEO's rating of the film DiG!

  14. smndvdcl's rating of the film DiG!

    The aftermath of this doc raises its contextual appeal - the cautionary tale of Brian Jonestown Massacre paradoxically turns them into an indie cult success. It's a fascinating insight into the alternative/mainstream ideological divide.

  15. Roberto Russo's rating of the film DiG!

    thank god for mental illness.

  16. raggiodisole's rating of the film DiG!

    helps if you like the music, and its good to not get all serious about it. a treatise on creativity and success, if you will.

  17. PRISONER_69's rating of the film DiG!

    brilliant catch the band at this years glasto on the bbc web site the dandys blew it on their 3rd album

  18. Amy Basil's rating of the film DiG!

    I wanna be an Anton but I know I'll always be a Taylor-Taylor.

  19. Dennis Morgan's rating of the film DiG!

    I hate all this tortured genius nonsense. When you're more famous for your lifestyle and issues than your music you're not a genius you're a screw up! I enjoyed the contrast between Taylor & Newcombe's attitude to the music industry, but this was no Oasis V Blur rivalry as Newcombe's issues would have always got in the way of any potential fame.

  20. orangey's rating of the film DiG!

    It's an interesting documentary for all the wrong reasons....neither of the bands is as great as the filmmaker wants them to look like. As a study in self destruction it would have worked great without the footage with The Dandy Warholes, because it really looks forced when you show Newcombe going through hell and then go "hey look how much fun they're having". And the biggest mistake is not showing his wife.....

  21. Zac Zellers's rating of the film DiG!

    "All those 60s bands did drugs too— but they were famous first."

  22. Patrick's rating of the film DiG!

    ondi seems like a cunt. but still love me some anton

  23. Ale/M's rating of the film DiG!

    Rare to see a good movie like this about band life,tours and feeling between members.I don't like DW and don't know well BJM but the movie is great.

  24. HEDONIST's rating of the film DiG!

    Joel Gion is a tambourine god! ;)

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