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  1. Photo of Michel Ocelot

    Michel Ocelot Director, Screenplay, and Voice (Dub)

  2. Photo of Chiara Fabiano

    Chiara Fabiano Voice (Dub)

  3. Photo of Alberto Franco

    Alberto Franco Voice (Dub)

  4. Photo of Chiara Colizzi

    Chiara Colizzi Voice (Dub)

  5. Photo of Luigi Ferraro

    Luigi Ferraro Voice (Dub)

  6. Photo of Luca Dal Fabbro

    Luca Dal Fabbro Voice (Dub)

  7. Photo of Edoardo Siravo

    Edoardo Siravo Voice (Dub)

  8. Photo of Luigi Scribani

    Luigi Scribani Voice (Dub)

  9. Photo of Emanuela Rossi

    Emanuela Rossi Voice (Dub)

  10. Photo of Cristina Boraschi

    Cristina Boraschi Voice (Dub)

  11. Photo of Angiola Baggi

    Angiola Baggi Voice (Dub)

  12. Photo of Mario Cordova

    Mario Cordova Voice (Dub)

  13. Photo of Elisa Carzedda

    Elisa Carzedda Voice (Dub)

  14. Photo of Ginevra Sgamuffa

    Ginevra Sgamuffa Voice (Dub)

  15. Photo of Antonio Sanna

    Antonio Sanna Voice (Dub)

  16. Photo of Lorenzo Scattorin

    Lorenzo Scattorin Voice (Dub)

  17. Photo of Stefano Oppedisano

    Stefano Oppedisano Voice (Dub)

  18. Photo of Pietro Biondi

    Pietro Biondi Voice (Dub)

  19. Photo of Loris Loddi

    Loris Loddi Voice (Dub)

  20. Photo of Stefano Billi

    Stefano Billi Voice (Dub)

  21. Photo of Franca D'Amato

    Franca D'Amato Voice (Dub)

  22. Photo of Gianni Giuliano

    Gianni Giuliano Voice (Dub)

  23. Photo of Ambrogio Colombo

    Ambrogio Colombo Voice (Dub)

  24. Photo of Gianluca Tusco

    Gianluca Tusco Voice (Dub)

  25. Photo of Elena Rossetto

    Elena Rossetto Voice (Dub)

  26. Photo of Massimo Triggiani

    Massimo Triggiani Voice (Dub)

  27. Photo of Franco Mannella

    Franco Mannella Voice (Dub)

  28. Photo of Guido Di Naccio

    Guido Di Naccio Voice (Dub)

  29. Photo of Maurizio Merluzzo

    Maurizio Merluzzo Voice (Dub)

  30. Photo of Giorgio Bassanelli Bisbal

    Giorgio Bassanelli Bisbal Voice (Dub)

  31. Photo of Anna Cugini

    Anna Cugini Voice (Dub)

  32. Photo of Renato Cortesi

    Renato Cortesi Voice (Dub)

  33. Photo of Mario Bombardieri

    Mario Bombardieri Voice (Dub)

  34. Photo of Chiara Salerno

    Chiara Salerno Voice (Dub)

  35. Photo of Roberto Fidecaro

    Roberto Fidecaro Voice (Dub)

  36. Photo of Valentina Stredini

    Valentina Stredini Voice (Dub)

  37. Photo of Gaetano Lizzio

    Gaetano Lizzio Voice (Dub)

  38. Photo of Federica Martinelli

    Federica Martinelli Voice (Dub)

  39. Photo of Christophe Rossignon

    Christophe Rossignon Producer

  40. Photo of Philippe Boëffard

    Philippe Boëffard Producer