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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Allan Struthers's rating of the film Dinner Rush

    A perfectly orchestrated plot filled with clever characters who each get pushed to breaking point in an exciting and revealing way. Smart script, solid acting, and beautiful aesthetics, all built upon a theme of greed. I would happily recommend this film to pretty much all my friends.

  2. raggiodisole's rating of the film Dinner Rush

  3. Benjamin's rating of the film Dinner Rush

    Great sense of place, felt like hanging out somewhere more than it felt like watching a film. Good balance of tones--although the music disrupted a lot of moments and confused the tone. True to the Mubi take, it balances a number of small plots without appearing clunky or overly formulated.

  4. Sthirabandhu's rating of the film Dinner Rush

    Danny Aiello is always a pleasure to watch, great movie, with two primary locations, upstairs in the restaurant and downstairs. taut, tightly edited, sexy, witty and intelligent.

  5. nickolia's rating of the film Dinner Rush

    worth every minute. though loses a star for the music.

  6. Jordan Osserman's rating of the film Dinner Rush

    a brilliant little film, food for porn

  7. kenneth allinson's rating of the film Dinner Rush

    Until well into it, one isn't sure how this well-filmed story that interweaves a number of sub-plots is going anywhere, but then the central theme suddenly re-establishes itself with a bang and, equally suddenly, one is as satisfied as any of the restaurant diners.

  8. Ayesha Casely-Hayford's rating of the film Dinner Rush

    Giraldi. You can see his love and understanding of food clearly in this film! FANTASTIC. The music is a perfect communication of the heart of the film. The multi-cultural casting by Lou Digiamo Jnr brings everything alive with characters. This film grabs you from the start, you want to know more. It grows and twists and turns. 100% engaging in each minute. Deserves all the acclaim.