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  1. Photo of George Hilton

    George Hilton Cast

  2. Photo of Patrizia Pellegrino

    Patrizia Pellegrino Cast

  3. Photo of Riccardo Rossi

    Riccardo Rossi Cast

  4. Photo of Isabel Russinova

    Isabel Russinova Cast

  5. Photo of Valeria Milillo

    Valeria Milillo Cast

  6. Photo of Yvonne SciĆ²

    Yvonne SciĆ² Cast

  7. Photo of Daniele Aldrovandi

    Daniele Aldrovandi Cast

  8. Photo of Igor Zalewsky

    Igor Zalewsky Cast

  9. Photo of Roberto Pedicini

    Roberto Pedicini Cast

  10. Photo of Letizia Ziaco

    Letizia Ziaco Cast

  11. Photo of Lamberto Bava

    Lamberto Bava Director and Screenplay

  12. Photo of Luciano Martino

    Luciano Martino Screenplay

  13. Photo of Dardano Sacchetti

    Dardano Sacchetti Screenplay

  14. Photo of Gianfranco Transunto

    Gianfranco Transunto Cinematography

  15. Photo of Simon Boswell

    Simon Boswell Music

  16. Photo of Mario Tagliaferri

    Mario Tagliaferri Music