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  1. Photo of Scott Conn

    Scott Conn Director, Cinematography, Screenplay, Executive Producer & 1 more
    Scott Conn Director, Cinematography, Screenplay, Executive Producer, Producer

  2. Photo of Bob Brown

    Bob Brown Self

  3. Photo of Stephanie Chernikowski

    Stephanie Chernikowski Self

  4. Photo of Jim Franklin

    Jim Franklin Self

  5. Photo of Dana Gaines

    Dana Gaines Self

  6. Photo of Harvey E. Gann

    Harvey E. Gann Self

  7. Photo of Lynn Howell

    Lynn Howell Self

  8. Photo of Harrison Witt

    Harrison Witt Cinematography

  9. Photo of Rob McGrath

    Rob McGrath Cinematography

  10. Photo of John Spath

    John Spath Cinematography

  11. Photo of 13th Floor Elevators

    13th Floor Elevators Music

  12. Photo of Shiva's Headband

    Shiva's Headband Music

  13. Photo of Janis Joplin

    Janis Joplin Music

  14. Photo of Mark Coffey

    Mark Coffey Editing

  15. Photo of Diane Weidenkopf

    Diane Weidenkopf Editing

  16. Photo of Eric Friend

    Eric Friend Sound