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  1. Photo of Elin Magnusson

    Elin Magnusson Director and Editing

  2. Photo of Ester Martin Bergsmark

    Ester Martin Bergsmark Cinematography, Director Editing

  3. Photo of Boston Boys

    Boston Boys Music

  4. Photo of Sara Kaaman

    Sara Kaaman Director and Editing

  5. Photo of Fox n' Wolf

    Fox n' Wolf Music

  6. Photo of Nelli Roselli

    Nelli Roselli Director

  7. Photo of Åsa Sandzén

    Åsa Sandzén Director and Animation

  8. Photo of Malin Erkkonen

    Malin Erkkonen Animation

  9. Photo of Fever Ray

    Fever Ray Music

  10. Photo of Pella Kagerman

    Pella Kagerman Director

  11. Photo of Axel Petersén

    Axel Petersén Cast

  12. Photo of Leonide Andersson

    Leonide Andersson Cast

  13. Photo of Sex in Dallas

    Sex in Dallas Music

  14. Photo of Claas Großzeit

    Claas Großzeit Music

  15. Photo of Tora Mårtens

    Tora Mårtens Director

  16. Photo of Wolfe Madam

    Wolfe Madam Director

  17. Photo of Ingrid Ryberg

    Ingrid Ryberg Director

  18. Photo of Joanna Rytel

    Joanna Rytel Director

  19. Photo of Tanya Holm

    Tanya Holm Cinematography

  20. Photo of Scream Club

    Scream Club Music

  21. Photo of Marit Östberg

    Marit Östberg Director

  22. Photo of Jennifer Rainsford

    Jennifer Rainsford Editing, Director Music