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  1. Photo of Gregory Cascante

    Gregory Cascante Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Frederick Rolf

    Frederick Rolf Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Roy Sargeant

    Roy Sargeant Producer

  4. Photo of Albie Venter

    Albie Venter Producer

  5. Photo of Ian Walters

    Ian Walters Producer

  6. Photo of Gray Hofmeyr

    Gray Hofmeyr Screenplay and Director

  7. Photo of Anthony Busbridge

    Anthony Busbridge Cinematography

  8. Photo of Dean Goodhill

    Dean Goodhill Editing

  9. Photo of Valma Muir

    Valma Muir Editing

  10. Photo of Nena Olwage

    Nena Olwage Editing

  11. Photo of John Weddepohl

    John Weddepohl Music

  12. Photo of Jan-Michael Vincent

    Jan-Michael Vincent Cast

  13. Photo of Valentina Vargas

    Valentina Vargas Cast

  14. Photo of Ronald France

    Ronald France Cast

  15. Photo of Michael McGovern

    Michael McGovern Cast

  16. Photo of Frantz Dobrowsky

    Frantz Dobrowsky Cast

  17. Photo of Percy Sieff

    Percy Sieff Cast

  18. Photo of John Whiteley

    John Whiteley Cast

  19. Photo of André Jacobs

    André Jacobs Cast

  20. Photo of Patrick Lyster

    Patrick Lyster Cast

  21. Photo of Jennifer Steyn

    Jennifer Steyn Cast