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  1. Photo of Spencer Williams

    Spencer Williams Director and Cast

  2. Photo of True T. Thompson

    True T. Thompson Screenplay

  3. Photo of W. Somerset Maugham

    W. Somerset Maugham Screenplay

  4. Photo of Bert Goldberg

    Bert Goldberg Producer

  5. Photo of Alfred N. Sack

    Alfred N. Sack Executive Producer

  6. Photo of John L. Herman

    John L. Herman Cinematography

  7. Photo of Richard E. Byers

    Richard E. Byers Sound

  8. Photo of Francine Everett

    Francine Everett Cast

  9. Photo of Don Wilson

    Don Wilson Cast

  10. Photo of Katherine Moore

    Katherine Moore Cast

  11. Photo of Alfred Hawkins

    Alfred Hawkins Cast

  12. Photo of David Boykin

    David Boykin Cast

  13. Photo of L.E. Lewis

    L.E. Lewis Cast

  14. Photo of Inez Newell

    Inez Newell Cast

  15. Photo of Piano Frank

    Piano Frank Cast

  16. Photo of John King

    John King Cast

  17. Photo of Shelly Ross

    Shelly Ross Cast

  18. Photo of Hugh Watson

    Hugh Watson Cast

  19. Photo of Don Gilbert

    Don Gilbert Cast