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  1. Photo of Kirsten Sheridan

    Kirsten Sheridan Director

  2. Photo of Stephen Evans

    Stephen Evans Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Angus Finney

    Angus Finney Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Ed Guiney

    Ed Guiney Producer

  5. Photo of Enda Walsh

    Enda Walsh Screenplay

  6. Photo of Igor Jadue-Lillo

    Igor Jadue-Lillo Cinematography

  7. Photo of Peter Robertson

    Peter Robertson Cinematography

  8. Photo of Elaine Cassidy

    Elaine Cassidy Cast

  9. Photo of Cillian Murphy

    Cillian Murphy Cast

  10. Photo of Darren Healy

    Darren Healy Cast

  11. Photo of Tara Lynne O'Neill

    Tara Lynne O'Neill Cast

  12. Photo of Michael Rawley

    Michael Rawley Cast

  13. Photo of Ben Yeates

    Ben Yeates Editing

  14. Photo of Zoe MacLeod

    Zoe MacLeod Production Design

  15. Photo of Gavin Friday

    Gavin Friday Music

  16. Photo of Maurice Seezer

    Maurice Seezer Music

  17. Photo of Dan Birch

    Dan Birch Sound

  18. Photo of Patrick Drummond

    Patrick Drummond Sound

  19. Photo of Mervyn Moore

    Mervyn Moore Sound

  20. Photo of Lorna Marie Mugan

    Lorna Marie Mugan Costume Design