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  1. Photo of Shabana Azmi

    Shabana Azmi Cast

  2. Photo of Nana Patekar

    Nana Patekar Cast

  3. Photo of Raghuvir Yadav

    Raghuvir Yadav Cast

  4. Photo of Rajshree Sawant

    Rajshree Sawant Cast

  5. Photo of Nilu Phule

    Nilu Phule Cast

  6. Photo of Om Puri

    Om Puri Cast

  7. Photo of Achyut Potdar

    Achyut Potdar Cast

  8. Photo of Prashant Subhedar

    Prashant Subhedar Cast

  9. Photo of Jayamala Inamdar

    Jayamala Inamdar Cast

  10. Photo of Sayaji Shinde

    Sayaji Shinde Cast

  11. Photo of Anil Bhagavat

    Anil Bhagavat Cast

  12. Photo of Dipak Alegaokar

    Dipak Alegaokar Cast

  13. Photo of Shivkumar Divekar

    Shivkumar Divekar Cast

  14. Photo of Shubhangi Manjrekar

    Shubhangi Manjrekar Cast

  15. Photo of Vijay Parulkar

    Vijay Parulkar Cast

  16. Photo of Sai Paranjape

    Sai Paranjape Director and Screenplay