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  1. Justin Blackwell's rating of the film Distant Drums

  2. FISCHER's rating of the film Distant Drums

    L'efficace capitaine Quincy Wyatt est chargé de détruire un vieux fortin d'origine espagnole qui sert en fait de lieu d'approvisionnement en armes de contrebande, aux Indiens Séminoles qui mettent gravement en danger la vie des colons de la région. Délassant !

  3. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Distant Drums

    I'm a huge Gary Cooper fan but there is one and only one reason to see 'Distant Drums' nowadays : Mari Aldon. Forget the Seminoles who make so much noise with their garlands that they don't have to yell, forget the slightly colonialist tone of the film and the animal scenes coming from a Tarzan movie and focus on Mari Eldon. You'll thank me for this. Already forgotten (except for the scenes with Mari Aldon).