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  1. Photo of Bjarne Henning-Jensen

    Bjarne Henning-Jensen Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Martin Andersen Nexø

    Martin Andersen Nexø Screenplay

  3. Photo of Tove Maës

    Tove Maës Cast

  4. Photo of Karen Poulsen

    Karen Poulsen Cast

  5. Photo of Rasmus Ottesen

    Rasmus Ottesen Cast

  6. Photo of Karen Lykkehus

    Karen Lykkehus Cast

  7. Photo of Jette Kehlet

    Jette Kehlet Cast

  8. Photo of Edvin Tiemroth

    Edvin Tiemroth Cast

  9. Photo of Ebbe Rode

    Ebbe Rode Cast

  10. Photo of Kai Holm

    Kai Holm Cast

  11. Photo of Maria Garland

    Maria Garland Cast

  12. Photo of Preben Neergaard

    Preben Neergaard Cast

  13. Photo of Henny Lindorff Buckhøj

    Henny Lindorff Buckhøj Cast

  14. Photo of Ebbe Langberg

    Ebbe Langberg Cast

  15. Photo of Lars Henning-Jensen

    Lars Henning-Jensen Cast

  16. Photo of Hanne Juhl

    Hanne Juhl Cast

  17. Photo of Per Buckhøj

    Per Buckhøj Cast

  18. Photo of Valsø Holm

    Valsø Holm Cast

  19. Photo of Anna Henriques-Nielsen

    Anna Henriques-Nielsen Cast

  20. Photo of Karl Jørgensen

    Karl Jørgensen Cast

  21. Photo of Elisa Paaske

    Elisa Paaske Cast

  22. Photo of Verner Jensen

    Verner Jensen Cinematography

  23. Photo of Herman D. Koppel

    Herman D. Koppel Music

  24. Photo of Poul Schierbeck

    Poul Schierbeck Music

  25. Photo of Kai Rasch

    Kai Rasch Production Design

  26. Photo of Edla Hansen

    Edla Hansen Editing

  27. Photo of Børge Hallenberg

    Børge Hallenberg Sound