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  1. Olivier's rating of the film Diva

    Une très belle fresque policière qui évolue dans un univers poétique d'une grande beauté formelle.

  2. mmassias's rating of the film Diva

  3. fane2808's rating of the film Diva

    The postman & the Diva, the most incongruent love story. Or the most modern, as Romeo & Juliet and all things that separate them is so last century. A story with a happy end thx to the man who tries to break the waves & his cleptomaniac young Alba sidekick. Everything sprinkled with a taste of corrupt police & pirated recordings. The red thread that keeps it all together is the music & the perfect voice of the Diva.

  4. lou.'s rating of the film Diva

    Une très belle surprise.

  5. ana's rating of the film Diva

    I liked it. Entertaining, with a nice rhythm to it, leaving some things to more afterthought. Something nice to see and that isn't depicted enough: young people from meager means interested in the art world, suspicious youngsters with an almost heart of gold, people dying due to complete cruelty and amorality, upstanding citizens being the scum of the earth with no qualms whatsoever, rich people being nice.

  6. Ric O's rating of the film Diva

    dated fare from the early 80's with a contrived plot, but not without its charms

  7. Rahul's rating of the film Diva

    The audacity with which Beineix executes the assembly of shots is unbelievable. I've never been to Paris, but whenever I think about it, I'll think about this film. The pace of the film is operatic rather than cinematic. The colors used in the film paint an urban, dangerous, noirish picture of Paris. The characters that inhabit the city are nothing less than unforgettable.

  8. gabriella pássaro's rating of the film Diva

  9. José Fernando Cardoso's rating of the film Diva

    A very good surprise, after all these years. Never saw this picture before - only knew ‘Betty Blue’ from Beineix. It’s like a neon noir, charming and exciting, very well conducted and photographed. A truly gem from the 80’s that didn’t get old.

  10. Pegarange's rating of the film Diva

    Somewhere in between Malle or Melville and Besson. The crime plot is just a background for brilliant aesthetics, atmosphere, and style.

  11. aconeyisland's rating of the film Diva

  12. Rioko Hnoir's rating of the film Diva

    Interesante y fascinante. Un cuento de hadas moderno con una belleza visual magnifica. Una preciosa pero extraña mezcla de romance musical e intriga.

  13. Isaac's rating of the film Diva

    A direção é muito boa, com cenas que poderiam fazer parte de videoclipes. A ambientação - design de produção, vestimenta, iluminação - dão todo um atrativo para o filme. Porém o que mais chama atenção é que os personagens todos tem seus charmes e detalhes, o que torna um prazer acompanhar cada um. O roteiro é elaborado, apesar de ligeiramente mirabolante, servindo para prender a atenção. É um belo e divertido filme.

  14. Viola Valéry's rating of the film Diva

    I wanted something as good as Frantic and this got me 100% satisfied!!

  15. Sin título.'s rating of the film Diva

  16. Feellikeanumber's rating of the film Diva

  17. eberhard's rating of the film Diva

  18. Udo N. Owen's rating of the film Diva

    Trotz audiovisueller Stärken und toller Momente erinnert mich der Film (gerade in Bezug auf Verfolgungsjagden und die Schurken) an einen Didi- Film ohne Didi und Humor. Meinen Nerv hat er leider nur in kurzen Augenblicken getroffen. 4/10

  19. Linchen's rating of the film Diva

    Nach beinahe 40 Jahren ein überraschendes Wiedersehen auf MUBI! An viele Szenen und Charaktere konnte ich mich noch gut erinnern, dieser Film machte mich zum Opernfan. Etwas kruder Plot gefilmt in einem noch sehr authentischen Paris vor der Gentrifizierung. Allein dafür ist er sehenswert!

  20. Howard Fritzson's rating of the film Diva

    I loved this film when it first came out. I haven't seen it in a while so I don't know if it holds up. I thought it was so original and dazzling. It was certainly Beineix's finest work.

  21. Epinephrin's rating of the film Diva

    I tried 4 times to watch this film, i found it reall boring and each time it put me to sleep. Stars for the voice of the opera singer

  22. Robert Orlowski's rating of the film Diva

    Forget all the haters, this is great.

  23. Walker's rating of the film Diva

  24. Ozu_Teapot's rating of the film Diva

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