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  1. Photo of Neil Burger

    Neil Burger Director

  2. Photo of Evan Daugherty

    Evan Daugherty Screenplay

  3. Photo of Vanessa Taylor

    Vanessa Taylor Screenplay

  4. Photo of Veronica Roth

    Veronica Roth Screenplay

  5. Photo of Shailene Woodley

    Shailene Woodley Cast

  6. Photo of Theo James

    Theo James Cast

  7. Photo of Kate Winslet

    Kate Winslet Cast

  8. Photo of Miles Teller

    Miles Teller Cast

  9. Photo of Jai Courtney

    Jai Courtney Cast

  10. Photo of Zoë Kravitz

    Zoë Kravitz Cast

  11. Photo of Ansel Elgort

    Ansel Elgort Cast

  12. Photo of Ray Stevenson

    Ray Stevenson Cast

  13. Photo of Ashley Judd

    Ashley Judd Cast

  14. Photo of Tony Goldwyn

    Tony Goldwyn Cast

  15. Photo of Maggie Q

    Maggie Q Cast

  16. Photo of Christian Madsen

    Christian Madsen Cast

  17. Photo of Casimere Jollette

    Casimere Jollette Cast

  18. Photo of Mekhi Phifer

    Mekhi Phifer Cast

  19. Photo of Ben Lloyd-Hughes

    Ben Lloyd-Hughes Cast

  20. Photo of Alwin H. Kuchler

    Alwin H. Kuchler Cinematography

  21. Photo of Junkie XL

    Junkie XL Music

  22. Photo of Andy Nicholson

    Andy Nicholson Production Design

  23. Photo of Lucy Fisher

    Lucy Fisher Producer

  24. Photo of Pouya Shabazian

    Pouya Shabazian Producer

  25. Photo of Douglas Wick

    Douglas Wick Producer

  26. Photo of John J. Kelly

    John J. Kelly Executive Producer

  27. Photo of Barry H. Waldman

    Barry H. Waldman Executive Producer

  28. Photo of Richard Francis-Bruce

    Richard Francis-Bruce Editing