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  1. Photo of María del Carmen Martínez Román

    María del Carmen Martínez Román Screenplay

  2. Photo of Giulio Questi

    Giulio Questi Screenplay, Producer Director

  3. Photo of Tomas Milian

    Tomas Milian Cast

  4. Photo of Ray Lovelock

    Ray Lovelock Cast

  5. Photo of Piero Lulli

    Piero Lulli Cast

  6. Photo of Milo Quesada

    Milo Quesada Cast

  7. Photo of Roberto Camardiel

    Roberto Camardiel Cast

  8. Photo of Miguel Serrano

    Miguel Serrano Cast

  9. Photo of Ángel Silva

    Ángel Silva Cast

  10. Photo of Sancho Gracia

    Sancho Gracia Cast

  11. Photo of Marilù Tolo

    Marilù Tolo Cast

  12. Photo of Mirella Pamphili

    Mirella Pamphili Cast

  13. Photo of Francisco Sanz

    Francisco Sanz Cast

  14. Photo of Patrizia Valturri

    Patrizia Valturri Cast

  15. Photo of Franco Delli Colli

    Franco Delli Colli Cinematography

  16. Photo of Ivan Vandor

    Ivan Vandor Music

  17. Photo of Enzo Bulgarelli

    Enzo Bulgarelli Production Design

  18. Photo of Alessandro Jacovoni

    Alessandro Jacovoni Producer

  19. Photo of Franco Arcalli

    Franco Arcalli Editing and Screenplay