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  1. Photo of Vladimir Basov

    Vladimir Basov Director, Cast Screenplay

  2. Photo of Mikhail A. Bulgakov

    Mikhail A. Bulgakov Play

  3. Photo of Andrey Myagkov

    Andrey Myagkov Cast

  4. Photo of Andrey Rostotskiy

    Andrey Rostotskiy Cast

  5. Photo of Valentina Titova

    Valentina Titova Cast

  6. Photo of Oleg Basilashvili

    Oleg Basilashvili Cast

  7. Photo of Vasiliy Lanovoy

    Vasiliy Lanovoy Cast

  8. Photo of Pyotr Shcherbakov

    Pyotr Shcherbakov Cast

  9. Photo of Sergei Ivanov

    Sergei Ivanov Cast

  10. Photo of Vladimir Samoylov

    Vladimir Samoylov Cast

  11. Photo of Viktor Chekmaryov

    Viktor Chekmaryov Cast

  12. Photo of Margarita Krinitsyna

    Margarita Krinitsyna Cast

  13. Photo of Ilya Minkovetsky

    Ilya Minkovetsky Cinematography

  14. Photo of Leonid Kraynenkov

    Leonid Kraynenkov Cinematography

  15. Photo of Venyamin Basner

    Venyamin Basner Music

  16. Photo of Aleksei Parkhomenko

    Aleksei Parkhomenko Production Design

  17. Photo of Lyudmila Badorina

    Lyudmila Badorina Editing

  18. Photo of Yevgeni Fyodorov

    Yevgeni Fyodorov Sound

  19. Photo of Olga Kruchinina

    Olga Kruchinina Costume Design