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  1. soymilky's rating of the film Do I Sound Gay?

    the title pretty much sums up what this is about. seems like it's going to be silly, but it's pretty informative

  2. Daniel Roque's rating of the film Do I Sound Gay?

    Long story short: this guy listened to his voice and like everybody else, he hated it, so he tried everything he could to change his voice to a level it doesn't sound like him anymore. It's self-detrimental rather than embracing yourself as you are. He's gay, haven't he ever heard Lady Gaga's "Born This Way"?

  3. BernardoL's rating of the film Do I Sound Gay?

    Do I Sound Gay? centra-se numa temática fascinante e importante mas infelizmente a abordagem é restricta, simples e pouco rigorosa.

  4. ig_____or's rating of the film Do I Sound Gay?

    It was ok. He didn't sound that gay to begin with, and I also bet that he didn't practice that much to change his voice as we are lead to believe... But there were several interesting points throughout, specially the analysis on Disney's villains! And Tim Gunn is such a gentleman, I love him.

  5. Patrick John's rating of the film Do I Sound Gay?

    A little self-indulgent, sure, but still very informative

  6. lisa's rating of the film Do I Sound Gay?

    who'd blame a self-loathing member of any marginalised group for internalising their own oppression? society still doesn't recognise that speech features are choices and are socially marked to express identity and we persecute linguistic features endlessly. i guess studying linguistics i take this for granted and it's frustrating how wrong folk intuitions about language are and how little people know about it

  7. Samuel Donath's rating of the film Do I Sound Gay?

    As I gay man myself I found this film disturbing. I could relate to the issue of the voice, but I got over that years ago. This film only scratches the surface of the real issue which has nothing to do with "sounding gay". The director fails to look at his own issues around confidence, and it makes the film a one dimensional collection of star interviews. Could have been better if he dug deeper into the real issue.

  8. Sarah Fonseca's rating of the film Do I Sound Gay?

    LOL, I surprisingly appreciated the interview segments with Savage; def, along with the linguist, the most intelligent of the bunch. This had potential, but the time Thorpe spent on himself as a whimsical subject squandered any room for a deeper dive into gender constructs & internalized misogyny among gay men. Also: what about gay women? Perhaps there should be a sequel titled DO I SOUND LIKE A NARCISSIST?