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  1. Photo of Cheng Yu-Chieh

    Cheng Yu-Chieh Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Cheng She-Ping

    Cheng She-Ping Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Liang Hung-Chih

    Liang Hung-Chih Producer

  4. Photo of Jake Pollock

    Jake Pollock Cinematography

  5. Photo of Sandrine Pinna

    Sandrine Pinna Cast

  6. Photo of Genie Chuo

    Genie Chuo Cast

  7. Photo of Josephine A. Blankstein

    Josephine A. Blankstein Cast

  8. Photo of Huang Chien-wei

    Huang Chien-wei Cast

  9. Photo of Kao Ying-hsien

    Kao Ying-hsien Cast

  10. Photo of Ko Chia-yen

    Ko Chia-yen Cast

  11. Photo of Lawrence Ko

    Lawrence Ko Cast

  12. Photo of Mo Tzu-yi

    Mo Tzu-yi Cast

  13. Photo of Chen Bo-Wen

    Chen Bo-Wen Editing

  14. Photo of Liu Chun-Hsiu

    Liu Chun-Hsiu Editing

  15. Photo of Lim Giong

    Lim Giong Music

  16. Photo of Tang Shiang-Chu

    Tang Shiang-Chu Sound

  17. Photo of Tu Du-Che

    Tu Du-Che Sound