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  1. Photo of Frank Perry

    Frank Perry Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Pete Hamill

    Pete Hamill Screenplay

  3. Photo of Stacy Keach

    Stacy Keach Cast

  4. Photo of Faye Dunaway

    Faye Dunaway Cast

  5. Photo of Harris Yulin

    Harris Yulin Cast

  6. Photo of Michael Witney

    Michael Witney Cast

  7. Photo of Denver John Collins

    Denver John Collins Cast

  8. Photo of Dan Greenburg

    Dan Greenburg Cast

  9. Photo of John Scanlon

    John Scanlon Cast

  10. Photo of Richard McKenzie

    Richard McKenzie Cast

  11. Photo of John Bottoms

    John Bottoms Cast

  12. Photo of Philip Shafer

    Philip Shafer Cast

  13. Photo of Ferdinand Zogbaum

    Ferdinand Zogbaum Cast

  14. Photo of Penelope Allen

    Penelope Allen Cast

  15. Photo of Hedy Sontag

    Hedy Sontag Cast

  16. Photo of James Greene

    James Greene Cast

  17. Photo of Antonia Rey

    Antonia Rey Cast

  18. Photo of Marshall Efron

    Marshall Efron Cast

  19. Photo of Fred Dennis

    Fred Dennis Cast

  20. Photo of Bruce M. Fischer

    Bruce M. Fischer Cast

  21. Photo of Gerald Hirschfeld

    Gerald Hirschfeld Cinematography

  22. Photo of Jimmy Webb

    Jimmy Webb Music

  23. Photo of Gene Callahan

    Gene Callahan Production Design

  24. Photo of Alan Heim

    Alan Heim Editing

  25. Photo of Juan Serra

    Juan Serra Editing

  26. Photo of Derek Ball

    Derek Ball Sound

  27. Photo of Sandra Cole

    Sandra Cole Costume Design

  28. Photo of Malcolm C. Bert

    Malcolm C. Bert Art Department

  29. Photo of Manolo Mampaso

    Manolo Mampaso Art Department

  30. Photo of Kit West

    Kit West Special Effects