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  1. Photo of François-Jacques Ossang

    François-Jacques Ossang Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Pedro Hestnes

    Pedro Hestnes Cast

  3. Photo of Joe Strummer

    Joe Strummer Cast

  4. Photo of Elvire

    Elvire Cast

  5. Photo of Marisa Paredes

    Marisa Paredes Cast

  6. Photo of Stéphane Ferrara

    Stéphane Ferrara Cast

  7. Photo of Féodor Atkine

    Féodor Atkine Cast

  8. Photo of Jacky Ouaknine

    Jacky Ouaknine Producer

  9. Photo of France Berthou

    France Berthou Producer

  10. Photo of Carlo Bertin

    Carlo Bertin Producer

  11. Photo of Louis Bronsard

    Louis Bronsard Producer

  12. Photo of Messagero Killer Boy

    Messagero Killer Boy Music

  13. Photo of Rémy Chevrin

    Rémy Chevrin Cinematography

  14. Photo of Thierry Rouden

    Thierry Rouden Editing

  15. Photo of Santiago Isidro Pin

    Santiago Isidro Pin Production Design

  16. Photo of Stéphane Brunclair

    Stéphane Brunclair Sound

  17. Photo of Julien Cloquet

    Julien Cloquet Sound

  18. Photo of Lionel Tua

    Lionel Tua Cast

  19. Photo of Francisco Reyes

    Francisco Reyes Cast