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  1. Photo of Charles Band

    Charles Band Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Albert Band

    Albert Band Director and Producer

  3. Photo of C. Courtney Joyner

    C. Courtney Joyner Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jeffrey Combs

    Jeffrey Combs Cast

  5. Photo of Yvette Nipar

    Yvette Nipar Cast

  6. Photo of Jay Acavone

    Jay Acavone Cast

  7. Photo of Keith Coulouris

    Keith Coulouris Cast

  8. Photo of Ritch Brinkley

    Ritch Brinkley Cast

  9. Photo of Brian Thompson

    Brian Thompson Cast

  10. Photo of Pearl Shear

    Pearl Shear Cast

  11. Photo of Murray Rubin

    Murray Rubin Cast

  12. Photo of Jeff Austin

    Jeff Austin Cast

  13. Photo of John Apicella

    John Apicella Cast

  14. Photo of Julie Michaels

    Julie Michaels Cast

  15. Photo of Adolfo Bartoli

    Adolfo Bartoli Cinematography

  16. Photo of Suzanne Mitchell

    Suzanne Mitchell Music

  17. Photo of Dean Schachtel

    Dean Schachtel Music

  18. Photo of Pat Siciliano

    Pat Siciliano Music

  19. Photo of Jack Smalley

    Jack Smalley Music

  20. Photo of Nick Vidar

    Nick Vidar Music

  21. Photo of Milo

    Milo Production Design

  22. Photo of Keith S. Payson

    Keith S. Payson Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Lauren A. Schaffer

    Lauren A. Schaffer Editing

  24. Photo of Eric Hoeschen

    Eric Hoeschen Sound

  25. Photo of D.J. Ritchie

    D.J. Ritchie Sound

  26. Photo of Reinhard Schreiner

    Reinhard Schreiner Sound

  27. Photo of Dave Allen

    Dave Allen Animation

  28. Photo of Randall William Cook

    Randall William Cook Animation

  29. Photo of Chris Endicott

    Chris Endicott Animation

  30. Photo of Zeca Seabra

    Zeca Seabra Costume Design