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  1. film_lies101's rating of the film Doctor Strange

    Outside of handheld camera work never has film made so dizzy, that's some sort of achievement I suppose...yes the actors are fine but we have watched this story so many times now. One more thing, all the Pop music references were dumb, do they actually serve the story in any way or are they there for the audience to laugh in recongnition

  2. Ade Hendy's rating of the film Doctor Strange

    3,5 , keren sih, gag nyangka efek CGI nya sehalus ini, bukan yang bombastis pun berlebihan, impresif & terasa artistik. Sedikit elemen horor merupakan bumbu pengejut yg akan menyenangkan

  3. Damon Weathers's rating of the film Doctor Strange

    Take away some cool visuals and an underused Mads Mikkelsen, and it would be wholly forgettable. But not nearly as bad as I went into it thinking it would be

  4. Genre films > French New Wave's rating of the film Doctor Strange

    It has a solid first half and somewhat inventive visual effects (for a Marvel movie), but it's carried by an idiotic main character and good actors who speak almost entirely in whispers. Like most Marvel movies, it takes its ridiculous premise way too seriously; it's soaked in pseudo-hippie ideology coated with a "instinct trumps intellectualism" lesson. Rachel McAdams is good but wasn't given enough screen time.

  5. poetboi's rating of the film Doctor Strange

    the marvel films are the best when they are having fun. this film is visually spectacular and absolutely utilises the star-studded cast. i've recently started having issues with the Origin Story installments of the MCU, this is probably the best since Guardians.

  6. Richard Tines's rating of the film Doctor Strange

    As a follower of eastern religion and philosophy, i'm (as you must imagine) quite adept at using science-defying mystical powers to alter the world around me...dusting off another Marvel comic book, this one a hit in the sixties when psychedelia and "oriental" ideas were prevalent, Strange engages with phantasmagoria, humor, and the dr's charm, but fails to deliver a satisfying antagonist...maybe next time (oh yes)

  7. Palmat's rating of the film Doctor Strange

    A pretty good albeit derivative Marvel movie that is fun and fast paced. The cast is very good but the characters are not that interesting which makes me feel sorry for the actors. The action and visuals are cool but we´ve seen it before and the script does little to surprise or impress apart from what happens with Ejiofor's character after the credits.

  8. eleventries's rating of the film Doctor Strange

  9. rulesofachia's rating of the film Doctor Strange

    I watched this very late at night and a bit sleepy so it was a little hard to follow but WOW those kaleidoscopic visuals! @_@ Now I wish I had caught this in cinemas. :(

  10. Gabriele Malagoli's rating of the film Doctor Strange

  11. sapidskye's rating of the film Doctor Strange

  12. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Doctor Strange

    The origin story itself is not that unique but Benedict nails the necessary arrogance and later character change when he discover there is a strange world out there. Suddenly the Marvel series seem to open up to tons of entertaining new stories again with infinite worlds to explore. One of the better music score help and the memorable visuals add to the fun. Sadly the resolution is a disappointment (for now).

  13. Duncan Gray's rating of the film Doctor Strange

    Periodically I dip into Marvel to remind myself what they always do well and what their limitations are: i.e., no more or less than fast, fun pixel-camp that papers over its cracks by winking at the audience to not take it all so seriously. Each is a tonic in a vacuum, but on the whole you can feel the mechanization. The best we can hope for are quirks—which, here, is a mingling of action with wild psychedelia.

  14. Ozu_Teapot's rating of the film Doctor Strange

  15. subtonal's rating of the film Doctor Strange


  16. Max Chervin's rating of the film Doctor Strange

  17. Admir U Gomila Nacrta's rating of the film Doctor Strange

    Suspense : none story : 0 humor : -769 | only easy kaleida and landscape distort kinda mograph render with power computers effect worth scoring since its impresive realisation

  18. F/K's rating of the film Doctor Strange

    Some very clever use of special effects to create mind bending scenes, but overall boring and uninspired

  19. agostinellips's rating of the film Doctor Strange

    Two stars just for the Ditko visual homage.

  20. nadnab's rating of the film Doctor Strange

  21. ooming's rating of the film Doctor Strange

  22. Enrico Gaudenzi's rating of the film Doctor Strange

    Anche solo per gli effetti visivi... storia un po' stiracchiata, puro delirio visivo che compensa qualche stanchezza.

  23. J. O.'s rating of the film Doctor Strange

    There's certainly more jokes than the average Marvel film. Wait, let me clarify - there are actually funny jokes in this Marvel film. Even some deadpan comments that made me smirk. Behind all the spiralling sparkles and expositional dialogue there's definitely some heart, and everybody is committed. But it can't escape my "franchise fatigue". How about trying something original with this much money and talent?

  24. Alvise Narduzzi's rating of the film Doctor Strange

    Ben sopra la triste media delle recenti uscite Marvel, ma l'inesistente spessore di Kaecilius e il ruolo da idiota di Dormammu, che si fa fregare da un potere che lui stesso dovrebbe padroneggiare, sbilanciano il film. Magnifiche le sequenze di spostamento nel multiverso, meno le influenze buoniste disneyane. Di donne e neri fighi ce ne sono tanti nelle scuderie di Stan Lee, sfruttate quelli. Una buona prova.

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