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  1. Photo of Guido Pieters

    Guido Pieters Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Ben Verbong

    Ben Verbong Screenplay

  3. Photo of A. Roothaert

    A. Roothaert Screenplay

  4. Photo of Ab Abspoel

    Ab Abspoel Cast

  5. Photo of Adriaan Adriaanse

    Adriaan Adriaanse Cast

  6. Photo of Harry Bas

    Harry Bas Cast

  7. Photo of Tim Beekman

    Tim Beekman Cast

  8. Photo of Leo de Beer

    Leo de Beer Cast

  9. Photo of Annabel Bemlef

    Annabel Bemlef Cast

  10. Photo of Yolande Bertsch

    Yolande Bertsch Cast

  11. Photo of Leo Beyers

    Leo Beyers Cast

  12. Photo of Theu Boermans

    Theu Boermans Cast

  13. Photo of Ruud Bos

    Ruud Bos Cast

  14. Photo of Wiesje Bouwmeester

    Wiesje Bouwmeester Cast

  15. Photo of Eddie Brugman

    Eddie Brugman Cast

  16. Photo of Nanny van Dam

    Nanny van Dam Cast

  17. Photo of Reinhilde Decleir

    Reinhilde Decleir Cast

  18. Photo of Truus Dekker

    Truus Dekker Cast

  19. Photo of Gerard Doting

    Gerard Doting Cast

  20. Photo of Bert Dijkstra

    Bert Dijkstra Cast

  21. Photo of Gemma van Eck

    Gemma van Eck Cast

  22. Photo of Amica Eisendoorn

    Amica Eisendoorn Cast

  23. Photo of Peter Faber

    Peter Faber Cast

  24. Photo of Hein Fentener van Vlissingen

    Hein Fentener van Vlissingen Cast

  25. Photo of Dick Furrer

    Dick Furrer Cast

  26. Photo of Manfred de Graaf

    Manfred de Graaf Cast

  27. Photo of Cox Habbema

    Cox Habbema Cast

  28. Photo of Mattijn Hallers

    Mattijn Hallers Cast

  29. Photo of Helen Hedy

    Helen Hedy Cast

  30. Photo of Willy Van Heesvelde

    Willy Van Heesvelde Cast

  31. Photo of Hans Hoes

    Hans Hoes Cast

  32. Photo of Roger Van Hool

    Roger Van Hool Cast

  33. Photo of Nico Jansen

    Nico Jansen Cast

  34. Photo of Michiel Kerbosch

    Michiel Kerbosch Cast

  35. Photo of Dorine van der Klei

    Dorine van der Klei Cast

  36. Photo of Johnny Kraaykamp Jr.

    Johnny Kraaykamp Jr. Cast

  37. Photo of Vivian Lampe

    Vivian Lampe Cast

  38. Photo of Guy Lavreysen

    Guy Lavreysen Cast

  39. Photo of Elsa Lioni

    Elsa Lioni Cast

  40. Photo of Chris Lomme

    Chris Lomme Cast

  41. Photo of Sacco van der Made

    Sacco van der Made Cast

  42. Photo of Brigitte De Man

    Brigitte De Man Cast

  43. Photo of Hester Neef

    Hester Neef Cast

  44. Photo of George Neef

    George Neef Cast

  45. Photo of Josephine Nijssen

    Josephine Nijssen Cast

  46. Photo of Ward de Ravet

    Ward de Ravet Cast

  47. Photo of Georgette Reyevski

    Georgette Reyevski Cast

  48. Photo of July Roos

    July Roos Cast

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