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  1. Photo of Michael E. Briant

    Michael E. Briant Director

  2. Photo of Gerry Davis

    Gerry Davis Screenplay

  3. Photo of Tom Baker

    Tom Baker Cast

  4. Photo of Elisabeth Sladen

    Elisabeth Sladen Cast

  5. Photo of Ian Marter

    Ian Marter Cast

  6. Photo of William Marlowe

    William Marlowe Cast

  7. Photo of Kevin Stoney

    Kevin Stoney Cast

  8. Photo of David Collings

    David Collings Cast

  9. Photo of Michael Wisher

    Michael Wisher Cast

  10. Photo of Ronald Leigh-Hunt

    Ronald Leigh-Hunt Cast

  11. Photo of Jeremy Wilkin

    Jeremy Wilkin Cast

  12. Photo of Christopher Robbie

    Christopher Robbie Cast

  13. Photo of Brian Grellis

    Brian Grellis Cast

  14. Photo of Elmer Cossey

    Elmer Cossey Cinematography

  15. Photo of Ron Grainer

    Ron Grainer Music

  16. Photo of Carey Blyton

    Carey Blyton Music

  17. Photo of Roger Murray-Leach

    Roger Murray-Leach Production Design

  18. Photo of Philip Hinchcliffe

    Philip Hinchcliffe Producer

  19. Photo of Sheila S. Tomlinson

    Sheila S. Tomlinson Editing

  20. Photo of John Gatland

    John Gatland Sound

  21. Photo of Prue Handley

    Prue Handley Costume Design

  22. Photo of Dick Mills

    Dick Mills Special Effects

  23. Photo of James Ward

    James Ward Visual Effects