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  1. Photo of Lennie Mayne

    Lennie Mayne Director

  2. Photo of Brian Hayles

    Brian Hayles Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jon Pertwee

    Jon Pertwee Cast

  4. Photo of Katy Manning

    Katy Manning Cast

  5. Photo of David Troughton

    David Troughton Cast

  6. Photo of Geoffrey Toone

    Geoffrey Toone Cast

  7. Photo of Alan Bennion

    Alan Bennion Cast

  8. Photo of Sonny Caldinez

    Sonny Caldinez Cast

  9. Photo of Ysanne Churchman

    Ysanne Churchman Cast

  10. Photo of Nick Hobbs

    Nick Hobbs Cast

  11. Photo of Fred Hamilton

    Fred Hamilton Cinematography

  12. Photo of Peter Sargent

    Peter Sargent Cinematography

  13. Photo of Ron Grainer

    Ron Grainer Music

  14. Photo of Dudley Simpson

    Dudley Simpson Music

  15. Photo of Gloria Clayton

    Gloria Clayton Production Design

  16. Photo of Barry Letts

    Barry Letts Producer

  17. Photo of Michael Sha-Dyan

    Michael Sha-Dyan Editing

  18. Photo of Tony Millier

    Tony Millier Sound

  19. Photo of Barbara Lane

    Barbara Lane Costume Design

  20. Photo of Brian Hodgson

    Brian Hodgson Special Effects

  21. Photo of Ian Scoones

    Ian Scoones Visual Effects

  22. Photo of Bernard Wilkie

    Bernard Wilkie Visual Effects