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  1. Photo of Douglas Camfield

    Douglas Camfield Director

  2. Photo of Terry Nation

    Terry Nation Screenplay

  3. Photo of Dennis Spooner

    Dennis Spooner Screenplay

  4. Photo of William Hartnell

    William Hartnell Cast

  5. Photo of Peter Purves

    Peter Purves Cast

  6. Photo of Jean Marsh

    Jean Marsh Cast

  7. Photo of Adrienne Hill

    Adrienne Hill Cast

  8. Photo of Kevin Stoney

    Kevin Stoney Cast

  9. Photo of Nicholas Courtney

    Nicholas Courtney Cast

  10. Photo of Peter Butterworth

    Peter Butterworth Cast

  11. Photo of Bryan Mosley

    Bryan Mosley Cast

  12. Photo of Peter Hamilton

    Peter Hamilton Cinematography

  13. Photo of Ron Grainer

    Ron Grainer Music

  14. Photo of Tristram Cary

    Tristram Cary Music

  15. Photo of Raymond Cusick

    Raymond Cusick Production Design

  16. Photo of Barry Newbery

    Barry Newbery Production Design

  17. Photo of John Wiles

    John Wiles Producer

  18. Photo of Keith Raven

    Keith Raven Editing

  19. Photo of Daphne Dare

    Daphne Dare Costume Design

  20. Photo of Tony Pearce

    Tony Pearce Costume Design

  21. Photo of Brian Hodgson

    Brian Hodgson Special Effects

  22. Photo of George Pollock

    George Pollock Special Effects