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  1. Photo of Sarah Hellings

    Sarah Hellings Director

  2. Photo of Pip Baker

    Pip Baker Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jane Baker

    Jane Baker Screenplay

  4. Photo of Colin Baker

    Colin Baker Cast

  5. Photo of Nicola Bryant

    Nicola Bryant Cast

  6. Photo of Kate O'Mara

    Kate O'Mara Cast

  7. Photo of Anthony Ainley

    Anthony Ainley Cast

  8. Photo of Terence Alexander

    Terence Alexander Cast

  9. Photo of Gawn Grainger

    Gawn Grainger Cast

  10. Photo of Gary Cady

    Gary Cady Cast

  11. Photo of Peter Childs

    Peter Childs Cast

  12. Photo of Keith Rowley

    Keith Rowley Cinematography

  13. Photo of Ron Grainer

    Ron Grainer Music

  14. Photo of Jonathan Gibbs

    Jonathan Gibbs Music

  15. Photo of Paul Trerise

    Paul Trerise Production Design

  16. Photo of John Nathan-Turner

    John Nathan-Turner Producer

  17. Photo of Ray Wingrove

    Ray Wingrove Editing

  18. Photo of Barrie Tharby

    Barrie Tharby Sound

  19. Photo of Dinah Collin

    Dinah Collin Costume Design

  20. Photo of Dave Chapman

    Dave Chapman Special Effects

  21. Photo of Dick Mills

    Dick Mills Special Effects

  22. Photo of David Barton

    David Barton Visual Effects