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  1. Photo of Douglas Camfield

    Douglas Camfield Director

  2. Photo of Robert Banks Stewart

    Robert Banks Stewart Screenplay

  3. Photo of Tom Baker

    Tom Baker Cast

  4. Photo of Elisabeth Sladen

    Elisabeth Sladen Cast

  5. Photo of Tony Beckley

    Tony Beckley Cast

  6. Photo of John Challis

    John Challis Cast

  7. Photo of Kenneth Gilbert

    Kenneth Gilbert Cast

  8. Photo of Mark Jones

    Mark Jones Cast

  9. Photo of Sylvia Coleridge

    Sylvia Coleridge Cast

  10. Photo of Michael Barrington

    Michael Barrington Cast

  11. Photo of Seymour Green

    Seymour Green Cast

  12. Photo of Keith Hopper

    Keith Hopper Cinematography

  13. Photo of Ron Grainer

    Ron Grainer Music

  14. Photo of Geoffrey Burgon

    Geoffrey Burgon Music

  15. Photo of Roger Murray-Leach

    Roger Murray-Leach Production Design

  16. Photo of Jeremy Bear

    Jeremy Bear Production Design

  17. Photo of Philip Hinchcliffe

    Philip Hinchcliffe Producer

  18. Photo of M.A.C. Adams

    M.A.C. Adams Editing

  19. Photo of Barbara Lane

    Barbara Lane Costume Design

  20. Photo of Dick Mills

    Dick Mills Special Effects

  21. Photo of Richard Conway

    Richard Conway Visual Effects