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  1. Photo of Nicholas Mallett

    Nicholas Mallett Director

  2. Photo of Ron Jones

    Ron Jones Director

  3. Photo of Chris Clough

    Chris Clough Director

  4. Photo of Robert Holmes

    Robert Holmes Screenplay

  5. Photo of Philip Martin

    Philip Martin Screenplay

  6. Photo of Pip Baker

    Pip Baker Screenplay

  7. Photo of Jane Baker

    Jane Baker Screenplay

  8. Photo of Colin Baker

    Colin Baker Cast

  9. Photo of Nicola Bryant

    Nicola Bryant Cast

  10. Photo of Bonnie Langford

    Bonnie Langford Cast

  11. Photo of Michael Jayston

    Michael Jayston Cast

  12. Photo of Lynda Bellingham

    Lynda Bellingham Cast

  13. Photo of Anthony Ainley

    Anthony Ainley Cast

  14. Photo of Tony Selby

    Tony Selby Cast

  15. Photo of Joan Sims

    Joan Sims Cast

  16. Photo of Tom Chadbon

    Tom Chadbon Cast

  17. Photo of Glen Murphy

    Glen Murphy Cast

  18. Photo of Brian Blessed

    Brian Blessed Cast

  19. Photo of Nabil Shaban

    Nabil Shaban Cast

  20. Photo of Christopher Ryan

    Christopher Ryan Cast

  21. Photo of Patrick Ryecart

    Patrick Ryecart Cast

  22. Photo of Alibe Parsons

    Alibe Parsons Cast

  23. Photo of Gordon Warnecke

    Gordon Warnecke Cast

  24. Photo of Honor Blackman

    Honor Blackman Cast

  25. Photo of Michael Craig

    Michael Craig Cast

  26. Photo of Yolande Palfrey

    Yolande Palfrey Cast

  27. Photo of Denys Hawthorne

    Denys Hawthorne Cast

  28. Photo of Tony Scoggo

    Tony Scoggo Cast

  29. Photo of Malcolm Tierney

    Malcolm Tierney Cast

  30. Photo of Arthur Hewlett

    Arthur Hewlett Cast

  31. Photo of Geoffrey Hughes

    Geoffrey Hughes Cast

  32. Photo of James Bree

    James Bree Cast

  33. Photo of Dominic Glynn

    Dominic Glynn Music

  34. Photo of Richard Hartley

    Richard Hartley Music

  35. Photo of Malcolm Clarke

    Malcolm Clarke Music

  36. Photo of John Anderson

    John Anderson Production Design

  37. Photo of Andrew Howe-Davies

    Andrew Howe-Davies Production Design

  38. Photo of Dinah Walker

    Dinah Walker Production Design

  39. Photo of Michael Trevor

    Michael Trevor Production Design

  40. Photo of John Nathan-Turner

    John Nathan-Turner Producer

  41. Photo of Ken Trew

    Ken Trew Costume Design

  42. Photo of John Hearne

    John Hearne Costume Design

  43. Photo of Andrew Rose

    Andrew Rose Costume Design

  44. Photo of Dick Mills

    Dick Mills Special Effects

  45. Photo of Danny Popkin

    Danny Popkin Special Effects

  46. Photo of Michael Kelt

    Michael Kelt Visual Effects

  47. Photo of Peter Wragg

    Peter Wragg Visual Effects

  48. Photo of Kevin Molloy

    Kevin Molloy Visual Effects